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Grid Animation buys rights 'The Saga of Rex'

A new animation project of Grid Animation, based on the work of Canadian animator Michel Gagné.


Now here’s something truly thrilling. Our production team Grid Animation got involved with Michel Gagné, the respected Canadian animator, who worked on international projects, such as Ratatouille and The Incredibles. Years ago, Michel drew The Saga of Rex, a story about a small unsuspecting fox, Rex, who unwittingly finds himself on an intergalactic adventure of a lifetime.
Loaded with tons of imagination and fantasy, this story invites every participant to a fantastic, emotional and fascinating voyage, where you see Rex evolving from an innocent and naïve youngster to a wise adult.

We decided to buy the rights of the comic and translate it into a classical animated feature film. As a result, the story will be more accessible for all ages with a taste for imagination and fantasy. This has been Michel Gagné’s own choice and we are happy and excited to help him with that.

On January 9th, De Standaard published an article in which the paper proves that the future for animation in Belgium is looking bright. Check it out and see for yourself!

The Saga of Rex
The Saga of Rex
The Saga of Rex

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