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Marnie's World



Marnie is a small chubby cat who believes that in reality, she’s a bewitched human child. She lives with Rosalinde, who spoils her like the baby she never had. Abandoned, far away from home, by Rosalinde’s evil scheming brother Paul, Marnie is thrust into an unknown world, where she is forced to team up with three other animal oddballs: a loudmouth cowardly dog, a neurotic rooster and a donkey, performing in zebra drag. Loosely based on the 'Bremen Town Musicians' fable, the story of Marnie and her friends is both a zany adventure tale, and a heartwarming and funny account of how friendship and a sense of belonging can overcome the greatest of obstacles.

Directors: Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein.

Coproduction between Grid Animation and Scopas Medien.

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